33 Uses for Warrior Relief

Live Your Best, Most Active Life.


We've carefully formulated Warrior Relief® through 25 years of research, testing and careful development to deliver effective, long-lasting results for our customers. 

Warrior Relief® has been used for a myriad of conditions. We firmly believe this versatile blend must be in every household, which is why we created several delivery systems from massage oils, to salves, to rollers, to drops, to bath salts.

Our formula is as versatile as our products. You can take them anywhere. From dropping a salve or small massage bottle into your backpack before mountain biking, hiking or going on a long trek, to dropping the roller into your gym bag for targeted relief, or bath salts into your weekend bag when you are headed out of town and need a quick compress due to unexpected strains or sprains. 

Warrior Relief® is a key player in your total pain management plan for healing and getting back to living your best life. 

Our proprietary bioenergizing process is combined with a synergistic combination of well-researched, lab-tested 33 botanicals, oils, and resins carefully formulated to produce the best and most effective topical product in the world.

The botanical ingredients in Warrior Relief® are powerful sources of versatile healing abilities with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, adaptogenic, & nutritional properties. 

Here are 33 uses to incorporate Warrior Relief® into your life and get the most out of what will become your single most loved product.

Using Warrior Relief Pre-Activity

Protect your joints 

If you typically use KT-Tape, braces or wraps to protect your joints, apply Warrior Relief® roller or drops and allow to fully absorb before you suit up. Warrior Relief® will begin working instantly, helping to protect your joints, tendons and ligaments from overstimulation or overuse. 

Support Oxygen Uptake

Apply Warrior Relief® to your upper back and chest prior to beginning any activity that requires you to breathe deeply and maintain regular breathing patterns, like biking, kayaking, cardio, kickboxing, martial arts, running, gym workouts, etc. The botanicals found in Warrior Relief® partnered with our bioenergizing process is designed to open oxygen pathways, reduce inflammatory responses commonly found with asthma and other conditions. Within minutes you will feel your breathing feel deeper, more relaxed and easier.

Prevent Muscle Strain & Arthritic Pain

Warrior Relief® is formulated to open circulatory pathways without adding inflammation to get your blood moving and avoid strains during any activity. You’ll find you can move easier and warm up faster without worry. If you’ve struggled with chronic pain, you’ll find Warrior Relief® will ease that morning stiffness with ease. Rub a little Warrior Relief® massage oil into your joints, muscles, hips and backs prior to facilitate more flexibility and better movement.

Clear Sinus Pathways

Warrior Relief® contains a synergistic blend of bioactive compounds that can open breathing and sinus pathways. If you suffer from early morning congestion, allergies, you can apply Warrior Relief® to the tip of your nose before bed and wake up with clear sinuses. 

Nourish and Protect Your Skin’s Protective Barrier

Warrior Relief® contains a variety of skin loving, protective botanicals and oils designed to create a protective layer that improves elasticity and suppleness. It will moisturized and nourish your skin with over 50 trace minerals, vitamins and skin-soothing compounds to protect the skin you’re in.

Use Warrior Relief POST-ACTIVITY

Bumps & Bruises

Warrior Relief® is bioenergized and formulated with active ingredients to help heal those inevitable bumps and bruises after a strenuous activity. Whether you took a tumble off your mountain bike, took a solid kick in martial arts, or knocked your shins against the weight bar or bench, Warrior Relief® will begin working on contact to ease the pain and swelling of those minor situations.  Use it every 3-4 hours. Apply warm heat along with Warrior Relief® after 48-72 hours and watch it fade away.

Post Activity Sauna

One of our favorite uses in post activity recovery is to apply Warrior Relief® and sit in the sauna for twenty minutes to speed muscle recovery and relaxation. Warrior Relief® will help your entire body to relax and engage in recovery. The extra blood circulation from the sauna will help you recover faster and get back to performing at the top of your game. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a sauna, red-light therapy or hot compresses can also aid in post-activity recovery.

Post Activity Red Light Therapy

If you have chronic joint pain, back pain or re-injure some area of your body, you may know about the benefits of Red Light Therapy in post injury recovery. However, post-activity red light therapy is also extremely beneficial. Applying your favorite Warrior Relief® product to your body post activity before using your red light will deepen penetration and activate the healing benefits in moments. Focus the red light on your area of concern, sit back and relax for 20 minutes. 

Post-Activity Hot Compresses

Warrior Relief® + a hot compress can go straight into the area of concern and activate deep relaxation, relief and rejuvenation in post activity recovery. You can use any of your favorite Warrior Relief® product, but we love to use 1/4-1/2 cup of our Warrior Relief® Bath Salt Soak in a large bowl of hot water, slip a warmed towel into the bowl and then squeeze it out before applying. You get multiple benefits by targeting exactly the area you need, infusing magnesium, healing trace minerals and Warrior Relief® blend directly. Its deep penetrating action will speed recovery. 

Tendons & Sprains

Injury is a part of living your best life. And yes, you will get the occasional sprains when on one of your many adventures - leading to swelling and bruising. We’ve found applying Warrior Relief® two to three times a day to the affected area will assist with inflammation and recovery as well as providing needed pain relief. Keep the injured body part elevated as much as possible. Alternate ice and heat as recommended by your medical professional. 

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures come to us all now and then. From a minor stress fracture in a toe, or metacarpal. Warrior Relief has been formulated with a specific herbal complex researched and found to speed bone healing. Apply Warrior Relief® to the area, Massage it gently into the injured area three times daily, then flip that red light on. Keep your injury elevated and as warm as possible from now until your next doctor's appointment.

Recovery Soaks and Baths

One thing Warrior Relief® offers that a lot of topical products do not is the addition of mineral baths and soaking salts. These are a critical part of the recovery process when injured or post-activity recovery, especially when you’ve been training for a major life event. Simply pour in 1/2 cup of Warrior Relief®  soaking salts into your heated bath water, swirl to dissolved. Alternatively, you can fill a cheesecloth bag with the salts and drop it into the bath directly, especially if you don’t want to take a shower afterwards, swirl to dissolve. Soak in the bath while reading your favorite book or watching your favorite motivational videos. Alternatively put on your headphones, listen to some motivational speakers, or a soothing meditation or audio book and relax for 20-30 minutes while Warrior Relief®  soothes your muscles, tendons, ligaments and you begin your recovery process.

Deep Relief Massage

Bring your Warrior Relief® massage oil to your massage therapist post activity and experience the magic of how Warrior Relief® in the hands of an expert melts away stress, tension and muscle soreness. You will be amazed at how quickly you relax during the session, especially if you struggle to relax during massage. In hours, you will feel restored and revitalized.

Post-Activity Foot & Ankle Soreness

The most overlooked area of our body is surprisingly, our feet. And yet, it is the source of where a lot of pain in our other joints can start. Make sure you’ve had your feet assessed and properly fitted for insoles and properly aligned. Warrior Relief® has an immediate, positive long lasting effect on foot pain and the pain that travels up into other areas of your body. Whenever your feet feel fatigued or sore after a long day, apply Warrior Relief® and begin massaging gently. Alternatively, dissolve Warrior Relief®  bath salt soaks into a foot bath and slip your feet in for an immediate sense of deep relief and relaxation. Foot soaks are also amazing for restless leg syndrome, especially at night before you sleep. 


Scar Tissue & Stretch Marks

When collagen fibers aren’t able to form correctly during the healing process, scars and stretch marks can be formed. Apply Warrior Relief® onto the area of the scar tissue, use a roller or knobby hand mitt and massage vigorously every other day to help to break up the adhesion and re-align the collagen fibers. Over the course of a few months you’ll start to notice the tissue remodel itself and reduce its appearance. 

Post-surgery Rehabilitation

It happens, we’ve all had that one injury where we must repair it surgically. It takes time to heal from a major event like that. We recommend using Warrior Relief where you can - avoiding any deep wounds or stitches to help with pain. Using Warrior Relief® Drops is especially effective. Applying to the back of the neck, will help all areas of the body, due to how Warrior Relief® binds with the endocannaboid system and modulates the opium receptors to reduce and block the formation of pain enzymes and neuropeptides that signal pain throughout your nervous system. Use as an alternative to other pain management solutions. Before and after your physical therapy sessions, massage Warrior Relief® into the local area and surrounding muscles as part of your rehabilitation regimen. You will experience a tremendous difference in both pain management and long-term recovery and rehabilitation, with no side effects or addiction issues. 

Arthritis & Rheumatic Pain

As we get older, our body experiences the toll our various adventures have taken. It’s time to be more proactive to support your body, especially when pharmaceuticals simply can’t give you the full range of benefits you need to live your best life. Warrior Relief®  was formulated to target these specific issues rapidly while supporting your body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes. If you suffer with  chronic arthritis, apply Warrior Relief®  and massage into your affected areas before you warm up as well as after your activity. To allow Warrior Relief® to penetrate deeper, throw a heating pad, sit in a sauna, do one of our bath soaks, or use our bath salts in a hot compress. Don't forget to rub Warrior Relief® on the muscles surrounding the painful joint as well. It will help to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension related pains.

Other Ways to Use Warrior Relief

Migraine & Headaches

Headaches and migraines, some of us are more prone to them than others, but they can sure take a toll on your life when they get pretty severe. Need to get rid of that head pain fast, Apply Warrior Relief®  to your temples, back of your neck, and behind your ears. We recommend the 10ml roller or the drops for this technique.   Using your fingers, massage in a circular motion around your temples, in your scalp above your forehead and behind the ears. Next, take your fingertips and massage your ear lobes, the front of your ears and work your way back to the back of your neck and upper back/shoulders. Work the entire area for a few minutes feeling around for any blockages or knots. Then apply a hot compress over the back of your neck, put on your eye covers and lay down for about 20 minutes. Alternate between hot and cold therapy and continue using Warrior Relief® until the head pain lessens.

PMS - Cramping, pain and mood balancing

Ladies, let's face it, PMS and PMDD can take you out for a few days. Sometimes forcing you on the floor in excruciating cramps or unable to leave the bed or couch for several hours. You’ve tried it all, and yeah, some things work, but only temporarily. Warrior Relief® deep relief drops and bath salt soaks are perfect for this situation. Apply directly to the cramps, your lower back, and bottoms of your feet (yes), as well as the back of your neck. Massage gently then apply a hot compress. Yes, you can layer the drops with the bath salt compress to provide immediate relief. Use Red light therapy over your abdomen for about 30 minutes and watch as the muscle spasms subside and your head pain and mood begins to lift away. Formulated with botanicals that balance hormones as well as stop muscle spasming, I’ve used this for many years as I’ve suffered from extreme PMDD symptoms that have left me bedridden for days. Use Warrior Relief®  1-2 days before your menstrual period and your pain will be far less than before. 

Neck pain 

Neck pain can indicate a number of issues, but once you’ve been checked out, before and after going to the chiropractor for an adjustment, apply Warrior Relief® directly to the area of neck pain, but the back of your skull and down between your shoulder blades, then use a hot compress to increase the soothing, penetration effects of Warrior Relief®. Alternatively, use the hot Warrior Relief® bath salt soak as a compress. Fill a bowl with hot water, warm up a towel and dissolve 1/4 cup of Warrior Relief® soaking salts. Squeeze out the towel and apply to the back of the neck after applying Warrior Relief® drops, salve or massage oil and allow yourself to relax. For a bonus, use red light therapy for 20 minutes on the back of your neck for deeper relief. 

Hip & Sciatica Pain

When your Psoas muscle is tight, it can pull your hips out of alignment. Or you may feel an odd burning or numbing sensation linked to your sciatica nerve.  if you do a lot of repetitive movements such as running, yoga, pilates, bicycling or stair climbing, you may feel hip pain post activity. Using Warrior Relief® along your hip joints, lower back, and massaging into your buttocks can provide a deep level of relief. Use before and after hip straining activity can help you post recovery. 

Knee Pain 

Using Warrior Relief® on the front, sides and backs of knees, along the front of your shin and along your thigh muscles can help the muscles and tendons relax if tight muscles or tendons have a tendency to pull your knee out of alignment. If you’ve injured your knee during a workout or activity, applying Warrior Relief®  before you brace it can be truly beneficial for pain relief, reducing swelling and overall healing. Double bonus points if you use red light therapy after application or a hot compress with Warrior Relief®  bath salts. Your knee recovery will be effective and you’ll be able to get back to living life. 

Wrist pain & Carpal Tunnel

Some of the most debilitating pain can arise out of the smallest areas - namely wrist and carpal tunnel. If you have calcified build up leading to arthritis or repetitive movement syndrome leading to carpal tunnel, Warrior Relief®  can help give you soothing, penetrating deep relief and help you get back to work and living your life. No more fear of the debilitating pain caused by wrists, thumbs and carpal tunnel. 

Fibromyalgia or Autoimmune Related Pain 

For decades people suffered with this type of pain that doctors could not isolate and told their patients it was “phantom” pain or “all in their head”. Today, however, we now know that multiple autoimmune conditions can cause this time of chronic pain and fatigue to last for weeks, even months at a time during a flare up. Warrior Relief® was originally formulated for me to battle my own autoimmune related chronic pain that kept me bedridden for weeks at a time. Its synergistic combination of over 33 botanical ingredients are bioenergized with frequencies that target the deeper source of the pain and help with providing immediate relief with no side-effects like nausea, grogginess, feeling high, loopy, disconnected or unable to function. Yes, I am living proof you can live a virtually pain-free life even while managing autoimmunity, thanks to Warrior Relief®


Many underlying diseases and health conditions lead to neuropathic pain, of which there are many. Warrior Relief® contains specific ingredients that target the source of neuropathy while helping you regain a sense of relief from the numbness, tingling, and spasms. You will find Warrior Relief® line of products work fast, effectively and are long lasting. 

Fatigue & Stress

Yes, Warrior Relief®  can help you fight off the effects of fatigue and stress. Our carefully formulated botanical complex is infused with adaptogens and constituents that revitalize and help with chronic stress and fatigue, while keeping your body relaxed without exhaustion. Apply Warrior Relief® before you go to bed at night, enjoy a restful nights sleep and wake up refreshed with lowered stress levels. 

Digestive Pain

art of my autoimmunity is I struggle a lot with digestive pain. Warrior Relief® applied directly over the abdomen can immediately help with gas, heart burn, digestive pain, bloating and general digestive spasms. Apply first, then apply a hot compress over your abdomen for 20 minutes and feel the relief. 

Burns & Sunburns

Getting a burn hurts, whether it's from friction, fire, or contact with something steaming hot. To ease the skin irritation and pain, rub some Battle Balm® over the area soon after the injury. The herbal ingredients will reduce swelling and help heal that burn quickly and keep it safe from infection.

Bug Bites

Warrior Relief® contains synergistic botanical ingredients that soothe the itching and swelling associated with bites and stings. Throw Warrior Relief®  salve or roller into your backpack when you are going out into nature so you always have a certified organic, safe, nontoxic multi-use remedy on hand. Apply a thin layer to skin before you go out in nature. If you do get stung or bitten because you missed a spot, apply the roller directly over the area and experience real relief, fast. 

Fungal Infections 

Many of the botanical ingredients have strong anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Whether its athlete’s foot or another skin fungal infection like ringworm, or  toenail fungus, Warrior Relief®  can help. Apply directly to the area with a clean, gloved hand after washing the infected area and drying. Use gloves to avoid spreading the infection elsewhere. Within a few days the infection will lessen and heal. 


Using Warrior Relief® can assist with reducing the appearance of cellulite. Massage it in before using your cellulite roller, knobby mitts, or dry brush technique to target cellulite and help break up the adhesions that cause the appearance of cellulite to form. In a matter of weeks, your skin will be more supple, firm and toned, the cellulite will appear far less reduced. Feel confident in your swimsuit this summer!

Cracked Heels & Elbows

Cracked heels and elbows can happen any time. Especially during winter or hot dry summers. Apply Warrior Relief® after your shower and bath, while the skin is soft and you’ll find immediate relief as the botanicals begin to soften and heal the dried cracked skin.