Once upon a time a girl with a rare genetic condition struggled with intense, chronic pain & no end in sight… 

...I struggled with severe chronic pain triggered by a very rare, genetic abnormality and autoimmunity my entire life - and it led me to face life trapped in a wheelchair. 

At the time back then, no one knew what the problem was. Every time I took any pharmaceutical medication, I ended up in the emergency room with severe side effects, including anaphylactic shock, seizures, chronic muscle spasms, nerve pain and organ damage. Even taking something as basic as an OTC pain reliever triggered this reaction. 

Desperately searching for answers for years, I finally met an experienced genetic researcher who was fascinated by my health issues. After three years and a battery of tests, he finally discovered what was going on.  

My body cannot metabolize many pharmaceuticals and environmental chemicals so it reacts as if I ingested a deadly poison - resulting in severe, adverse reactions. Additionally, I have no way to metabolize stress hormones. I don’t have the metabolic pathways available, leading to an autoimmune reaction that causes my body to attack itself  - leading to intense flare-ups of severe, deep nerve pain that crippled me.  

I spent the next 5 years researching solutions.

I studied all forms of holistic medicine: Naturopathy, TCM Ayurvedic, Western and Native American herbal traditions. I studied essential oils, biochemistry, bioenergy, genetic enzymatic and metabolic processes to understand my condition and how to make something that could TRULY help me not live in so much pain. 

I needed to figure out a solution as many OTC topical pain relief products had too many chemicals I was overreactive to, while natural alternatives simply didn’t give me the level of pain relief I so desperately needed.

Warrior Relief was Born

I took what I learned and began to formulate an oil that could bypass my own metabolic issues and directly block the production of pain signaling to fight off the tremendous nerve pain.

For the first time, I found some pain relief. 

I could FINALLY live without constant intense pain. 

I began fine tuning this remedy for myself and using it in bath salts to soak in, massage oils and salves. I finally felt truly like I could control my pain levels! The freedom it gave me was life-changing. 

The Pain-Free Solution

I stumbled upon a rare technology in 2006 that I could use to create custom frequency programs and infuse those energies into my pain oil to achieve even greater pain relief. It was a far more advanced technology to homeopathic potentiation devices. 

I opened a wellness practice in 2010 and expanded it in 2012. I began to provide energy medicine and relief to chronically ill clients like myself with my skills and research. I began to use my pain relief products on my clients. 

 As my practice got busier, I found that I really enjoyed solving chronic health issues for my clients. Suddenly, my practice increased to include professional athletes and autoimmune sufferers, as well as people like me who wanted to live more active lives, but found chronic pain blocking their way. They loved the products and the relief they felt. 

Bioenergized, All Natural, NonToxic, Effective Pain Relief.

Warrior Relief Today

I never considered Warrior Relief to be a product people actually wanted. I made Warrior Relief to meet my own pain relief needs.

However, people really enjoyed the results from my pain relief product line. 

One night over dinner, my wonderful stepson, Sasha, really pushed me to develop my pain relief product line into its own business.

because of Sasha…

 A business idea was born. 

All we needed was the right name. 

We chose the name WARRIOR because we are ALL warriors in some way in our life.

We wanted to pay respect to that inner unbreakable warrior spirit inside you - whether like me, you are fighting health issues that could cripple you for life or fighting to achieve your dreams and lifestyle goals. 

The word RELIEF came into being, not because of “pain relief” but because we ALL need relief from the hidden battles we fight every day. We ALL need to honor, celebrate and give ourselves time and space to rest and recover. 

And this is how WARRIOR RELIEF was born. 

You Are A Warrior.

WARRIOR RELIEF is an evolution of ancient medicine backed by modern research, and blended with advanced bioenergizing technology formulated for today's warriors. 

It is clean, natural, healthy, fast-acting, long-lasting topical pain relief I formulated for myself to bypass my own messy genetics so I could experience long-lasting pain relief, FAST with NO SIDE EFFECTS. 

WARRIOR RELIEF works fast, safely, and effectively.

We source the highest quality certified organic botanical ingredients for our products and we infuse them with healing and pain relieving frequencies that rejuvenate and relax the body. 

No other product has all these unique properties. I know. I tried them all. 

We are Warriors living our best lives. We're not here to sell you or convince you. I really wanted you to understand the origin of Warrior Relief, why and how it works, how grateful I am for this formula and how integral it is to me being able to live my best life without the crippling pain I used to suffer from. 

We'd love you to join the Warrior Relief community, try Warrior Relief for yourself and feel the difference.  We're here for you, your well-being, and your goals, every step of the way. 

Sasha's Story

My first experience using Warrior Relief products occurred when I injured my knee during a high school lacrosse season.

At this time I lacked an insurance card, and was subsequently laid out on the couch for a few weeks.

With no means to go to a doctor, Isis helped me using her pain relief oils that she made for herself and other clients. Due to the severity of the injury, recovery took weeks, but during this time I began to realize the true genius of the Warrior Relief products. 

Years later I picked up Jiu Jitsu, a sport that is no stranger to bruises, breaks and blood. That’s when I became an avid user of Warrior Relief.

Nightly I would apply massage oils, and pain relief balm to ease my overtrained muscles and joints. During a family dinner, we spoke about her company Alchemyst Co. and how her products have been helping women with similar issues as her.

That’s when I really pushed her to dig into the pain relief products that she’s tested on me throughout the years. We spoke for hours and finally landed on the name Warrior Relief.

So where do I come in? Not to toot my own horn, but I’m responsible for a majority of the delivery methods that Warrior Relief offers. Additionally, using my studies in Marketing and Videography, and my experience with professional athletes I am responsible for developing the brand image, outreach, marketing, and sales. 

Everytime a friend of mine talks about their pain, I offer to give them Warrior Relief products. I believe in helping others reach their maximum potential, and it brings me joy when they come back to me and express the relief they get from our pain relief salves.

It’s honestly such a good feeling knowing I’m contributing to the betterment of someone’s health in the most honest way I can. 

A Letter for Our Fellow Warriors with Love - from Sasha & Isis.